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Roswell Wings For L.I.F.E.

(Life skills Imparted to Families through Education)  

  Roswell Wings for Life is a 501(c) 3 Non-profit organization

Building Assets Program

Building Leaders Of Tomorrow....

     Wings for L.I.F.E. is the first program in Roswell, New Mexico, to utilize Search Institute’s 40 Development Assets®  targeting elementary school children as a core group. Search Institute is internationally known for its work in positive youth development.  Recently, Search Institute has combined its well-researched 40 Developmental Assets with Social and Emotional Learning Skills’ (SEL) five competencies. 
Extensive studies of these two methodologies demonstrates that children and youth who participated in this study showed greater social skills, less emotional distress, better attitudes, fewer conduct problems such as bullying and suspensions, and more frequent positive behaviors, such as cooperation and help for other students.
These same students also improved in grades and standardized-test scores by 11 percentile points compared with nonparticipating students. This would be equivalent to bringing a “D” to a “B minus”.

Building Assets is now in all twelve elementary schools with additional programs at several schools to enable children on waiting lists to attend for a total of 15 weekly programs.

Wings for L.I.F.E. thanks the Roswell Independent School District Administration and School Staff for their support of this program.

Below are just a few comments taken from Parent/Caregiver Surveys:

  1. My son’s attitude has gotten better.  He loves WFL.  He says his favorite thing is learning not to be a bully.
  2. She has shown she values herself recognizing her positive attributes.  She loves the projects.
  3. Improved behavior and respect for others.
  4. Handles peer pressure.
  5. Takes interest in others–cares about others.
  6. Gained confidence and more positive about school.
  7. Verbalizing emotions especially when angry.
  8. Always looks to make someone else’s day better.
  9. They have become a lot more positive.  They also learned to be kind and honest.
  10. Does homework more often.  The words they learn in the program, they often use at home.
  11. They behave more and do better in classroom
  12. Better attitude and happier.
  13. They think about their choices before making them and think about others’ feelings.
  14. I have seen improvement in her coping skills when she gets upset.
  15. She is not so shy and talks more about what is going on at school.
  16. I have noticed that my daughter is more social and has different positive ways to solve issues she comes across.
  17. More respectful of other’s feelings.
  18. She thinks things through to try to make better choices and practices everything she has learned in this program.  Love it! Thank you.
  19. I have just watched him grow up with positive support.  Thanks.
  20. She has learned that bullying is not nice and to stop others from being bullied.