Buidling Assets

Wings for L.I.F.E. is the first program in Roswell, New Mexico, to utilize Search institutes 40 Development Assets in targeting elementary school children as a core group. These 40 assets prove to promote positive outcomes in helping youth develop into "principled" young men and women.  Search Institute, has over 50 years of research surveying over 3 million youth, including Roswell middle and high school youth, and is nationally recognized for its work in developing healthy youth

Children succeed in school when they are committed and engaged in the learning process. The Building Assets Program is an educational and experiential program that supports and enhances positive youth development in elementary school children. Wings promotes school commitment through weekly lessons with children in the after-school program. Lessons focus on building protective factors or “assets” that support, empower, teach boundaries and expectations, fosters educational commitment, social competencies, positive values and identity, and effective time use. Our Wings for L.I.F.E staff of educatiors and social workers develop a curriculum each year that centers on the developmental assets identified by the Search Institute. Studies by Search Institute demonstrate that youth possessing eighteen or more of the 40 Developmental assets students are more likely to complete their education goals and apply knowledge in ways that are productive. 


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Courtesy Roswell Daily Record