A Community-based 501(c) 3 Non-profit Organization
Wings for L.I.F.E. offers programs that range from parenting skills to outreach in jails. Wings supports and empowers elementary school age children and youth ages 13 through 18 by building Search Institute’s 40 Developmental AssetsĀ®.Ā  Wings reaches out to members of the community wherever they may be, and wherever they are in their lives.

Established in Roswell in 2005, Wings for L.I.F.E. began with one activity, a community outreach program inviting everyone eligible to receive education and fellowship. Wings has grown since its inception, and Wings’ original program is still going strong.   The bi-monthly meetings are held on Sundays from 6-7:30 p.m. at St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church, 505 N. Pennsylvania Ave. Wings  provides informative and educational programs for families and individuals presented by community stakeholders.  Each program is followed by a dinner prepared on-site in a family friendly environment. 
Acknowledging that a strong community involves all its members, even its youngest representatives, Wings for L.I.F.E. also heads programs that target elementary school-aged children, as well as teenagers.

(Courtesy Roswell Daily Record)

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